CS@Worcester   CS-448

Just from reading the first chapter of the book my desire to go further into going deeper into Computer Science was rekindled. The book is really well organized and very well curated. The length the authors go just to explain how they came to choose the word apprenticeship as well its definition is very well done. A couple of things stood out to me as I read the first chapter, first of all is that the authors are really well experienced and unlike conventional writers, they give a good oversight of what is need out in the job market and how best to prepare ourselves. Also they have really weighty insights that really apply to us as students, to be pragmatic rather than dogmatic and to always continue to grow and advance. Finally, Apprentice, journeyman and Master analogy was very helpful to understand the various levels of growth.

As I read through the introductions of the chapters 2 - 6 i was challenged by some, if not all, of the concept that the authors had come up with. Being an apt learner the quote, “Be the lion’s tail rather that the fox’s head,” really pushed me to think beyond the level that I am in. I have become, overtime, comfortable in the “pond” i am in forgetting that there are many other ponds out there and potentially bigger fish than I.

At the point that i am in Chapter 2 would be most relevant to me. The authors breakdown principles that seem really relevant to me especially as i establish myself within the field of computing. It is easy to feel content having learnt so much but it is important to always seek new ways of learning and improving thy self. The concepts shared in the book are too importatnt to disagree with they all are important to my growth as a scientist.

Finally, a important concept that I am reminded of in the book is that of community over individuality. No man is an island and we are all dependent on others be it better than ourselves or those following in our footsteps. In teaching we learn better, in learning we grow more so it is important to be a part of group or a community that grow together.