CS@Worcester   CS-448


The long road addresses the microwave nature of the generation and times that we live in. We all expect to get good or be ready within a short time, we are not instant noodles though! The authors talk about realizing the journey that is ahead of us as developers. They challenge us to look to growing our skills rather than running after money, positions and titles. Being a master craftsman requires dedication and commitment similar to how Linus Tovralds came up with unix. The author re-iterates that the “long road” is not for the faint hearted and it requires a lot fo commitment and dedication. It is commitment and dedication that we will be able to do what is considered extraordinary. Realize the journey ahead of you and start the process of boiling to get the best broth out of you! However, it is important to notice that the long road is not for everyone and the authors offer a different pattern for those who will not be able to go for the long road.


It is good to focus more on the bigger picture, the journey that is ahead of my self rather than looking to instant gratification. The activity at the end of the pattern was quite thought provoking. In my future I would mostly think about stability in different areas of my life, that activity made me think about my skills rather than the positions or the titles that I am hoping to gain by then. It was also interesting to learn that the same way we are loosing culture and due to mordernization, we are also loosing important lessons that veterans in our field have learnt. Floods of people are rushing into computer related fields just for the money and the importance of building skills and experience is now becoming something of the past.

My future will definitely change as a result of the pattern that I have learned today. Realizing the long road that is ahead of me I will focus more on growing my skills and expereince rather than running after positions and titles.