CS@Worcester   CS-448


This pattern addresses the call to dive deeper, to challenge our selves to do that which we have not done beofore in order to get out of the mundane. As we continue to progress our skills we get to a point where we become proficient but the positions that we have been placed in only continue to focus on specific skills that we have gained leaving the rest to “decay” as they are not practiced. Jumping in at the deep end asks us to present our selves to opportunites that might seem challenging or beyond normal for us. A quote that summarizes the authors point well is, “Risks are opportunities seen through the half-shut eyes of fear.” Despite the lack of ability that might seem to hinder us we should give these opportunities a try. But we should try wisely, as the author advices that we should think of a way to escape when the water level get above our heads. Using other patterns such as finding mentors, kindred spirits and feedback loops this allows us to navigate out of situations where we are drowning. The author calls us to actoin by asking us to gauge the projects we have done so far and for the next project, step it up a notch to enable us to get to our next level.


The author’s offer valid points as to how important it is to challenge ourselves by putting ourselves in the playing field. By putting ourselves in situations that we have not been in before we bring to life other areas of our lives and allow ourselves to discover potential within us that has been hidden by fear. The idea of having a checkpoint/safepoint where you can head back to when all crumbles is also very important. It is like having a lifeguard watching the pool as you jump into it.

It is a concept I see fit in my journey as I grow from an apprentice into higher roles of that of a craftsman and master. Once in a while I will jump in the deep end and discover my abilities and hope to grow from them even in failure or success.